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This time imagination took us to a farm where the farmers job was as important as the animals`.

In a way, it reflected what "Concert Project" means for kindergarten. Each of us is devoted to something special, that in the end will be part of that one and unique show.

This year children chose  the characters they wanted to represent and listened to different kinds of music with their teachers; to select and find the ideal one for their dance. They made group and individual work for the scenography. They worked hard on their lines trying to make themselves understood. 

So collaborative and purposeful learning, takes place every year together with the combination of, and respect for different talents. 

We hope you have enjoyed the result as much as we did with the process.


Chameleons, Toucans and Crickets- Snakes, Pelicans and Kangaroos- Caterpillars, Eagles and Bunnies.